Terms of trade

We, Surewest Pty Ltd, trading as “FORRESTDALE RECYCLING” receive Class One inert material for recycling, typically from new construction sites. Our activities are governed by the terms of a Department of Environment and Conservation License.
In order to fulfil our obligations and preserve financial viability, we must assert the following measures:
• You, the customer – warrants that the declared place of origin is accurate.
• Information such as the name of the Transport Contractor and the Waste Generator shall be supplied.
• Registration numbers will be recorded.
• CCTV recording may be active on the site at any time.
• The material to be accepted by Forrestdale Recycling (us) does not include;
• Asbestos, Tyres, Green waste, food or putrescible material, Chemicals or Petroleum products.
• We do not accept bio degradable materials of any type.
• Where the load is deemed to be “HIGH RISK” in relation to the possibility of contamination, these shall be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny. In the event that such contamination is discovered the load will be rejected. Ideally this will occur at the time of tipping, however the proprietors reserve the right to transport the subject materials to a suitably licensed facility at the contractor’s expense.
• Customers will pay in full prior to discharging the Waste.
• Charges are based upon the cubic volume of the vessel which shall be measured and logged.
• Personnel on site will submit to instructions from the staff in relation to our operational or safety requirements.
• Your safety is a shared responsibility always. Whilst we maintain policies and procedures to protect our staff and visitors, you must ensure that your activities on-site do not compromise the safety of yourself or others.

In short, use your head. Respect us, yourself, and live to come again.