DWER Licensed and GreenStar Compliant

54 Hensbrook Loop, Forrestdale WA 6112
0419 144 005sales@forrestdalerecycling.com
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm

Sorted Waste – No Rubbish

Concrete (no mesh or reo), brick, tile, asphalt, limestone
$14.00 per m3
Concrete (Reinforced up to 10mm)
$25.00 per m3
Heavy Concrete (Reinforced over 10mm)
$30.00 per m3
Clean Fill (No Rubbish or Greenwaste)
$13.00 per m3
Sand – Light Greenwaste
$15.00 per m3
Sand – Heavy Greenwaste (eg topsoil)
$27.50 per m3
Limestone Blocks (natural or reconstituted)
$8.00 per m3

Mixed Waste

Mixed Sand and Concrete (+ 50% Sand)
$18.00 per m3
Mixed Sand, Brick, Concrete with Rubbish (MINIMUM 50% RUBBLE)
$32.00 per m3
Load Heavily Contaminated with Rubbish
$50.00 per m3


Reject load if visible. Fee applies if visible after tipping
Reload fee

Not Accepted

Asbestos (in any form), tyres, household waste, green waste, liquid waste.

All prices are + GST. Price list current as at 25/6/21.